Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Piękny Kraków

Wow forgetting a camera cable was a bad move on my part...looks like pics will have to wait till next week haha. This week was pretty slow. Mostly me and my trainer are focusing on moving out of our current apartment into a far better one. The one we have now is practically a hole in the ground. Among other things, the washer broke, water leaks from the ceiling, and the fuses burn out every time we turn the stove on...we called the mission office about it and they practically yelled at us that those living conditions were unacceptable, and that we needed to move as soon as possible. Like music to the ears, I tell ya haha
Spiritual thought of the week: It was said of the 2000 stripling warriors that "they had more courage than anyone, even among all the Nephites" (Alma 56: 44-45) Never be afraid to stand up for what's right. People have laughed in my face when I told them who we were. All they accomplished was laughing at a 19-year old American. When you think about it, you've got a pretty powerful Father on your side. As the Poles say, "Nigdy nie baj się! Pamiętaj twoje dziedzictwo naszego kraju!" (Never fear! Remember the proud heritage of our nation!)
Pretty powerful stuff, eh? Miłego dnia, moje kolegi!

Starszy Davis

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