Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Constitution Day

May 3rd is Constitution Day in Poland, and is pretty much the same as 4th of July in the States. It was way cool to see all the soldiers of Polish history march down by the Babrikan gate of Old Town Kraków, ranging from medieval knights, to hussar cavalry, to WWII infantryman, all the while singing "Mazurek Dąbrowskiego", their national anthem. It's pretty tight, not gonna lie haha. I've made a link to it so you can hear it and read the lyrics. As for the rest of missionary life, things are going great here. We were challenged last zone conference to do a two-month study of the Atonement, and at the end, write a letter about what we have learned. It is practically amazing. I don't have words to even describe it, but I want to extend the same challenge to you: take some time to learn about who the Savior was and is, and the real scope of what He did for us. You'll be blown away, I guarantee it.

Okay so a little Polish culture moment for you all. Here in Rynek Główny, there all kinds of performers out during the day doing things ranging from singing Queen songs, being human statues that move when you pay them, and playing accordions in traditional dress. Also very common in Poland are what the missionaries call "Larry's", or homeless drunks. Their condition is a really sad one, but can be extremely entertaining as well haha the other night these two worlds came together. We were on our way home, and as usual the guy who sings Queen (quite well I might add) was out making big bucks. Right next to him was a Larry, totally wasted, shirtless, and with a bad "plumber" case, singing and dancing in the middle of all the tourists watching. Got it on video haha. That is Poland my friends. Doesn't get better than that haha.

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  1. It is a natural design for all mankind to be free. It must be quite an experience to be where people have experienced no freedom and then regained their freedom. We need to learn to appreciate what we have and more careful about guarding the freedoms we enjoy.